Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer

Football Flick Urban Skills Trainer

Football Flick
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This 3D multi-user trainer adds a whole new spin to the game you love. Sleek design enables players to pass the ball to the ramp and receive it at different heights and angles.

The first, and only trainer to be scientifically validated to improve players core skills by up to 73%.

Used in top Premier League clubs, professional coaching academies and tens of thousands of back gardens the world over! Improves skills such as control, passing, touch, volleying and technique by using any of the front curved ramp, rear rebounder or central target net.

The brilliant football skills training aid for budding stars. Great for improving player's crucial core skills.

It allows single or multiple players to pass footballs to any surface and receive the ball back at different heights, speeds and angles.

Features the Front Ramp, a smooth, adjustable arch. Rear Ramp has an angled, flat rebound surface that can be rotated 180 degrees to change the flight of the returned pass. The Net serves as a passing target.

Easy to assemble. Carry bag included.