shoe fitting

At Soccer Plus we pride ourselves in our customer service and footwear knowledge. At either of our stores you will get a knowledgeable staff member to properly measure and fit your foot for a pair of soccer shoes.

All shoe brands and even shoes within the same brand will have different fits and sizing. Some shoes can run narrow or wide and some can run long or short. A player may measure one size and wear a different size depending on which shoe they pick. The only way to ensure a proper fit is to try the shoe on. Buying a soccer shoe with growing room is not recommended and can cause blisters or rubbing. 

In most cases, a tighter fit is recommended for soccer cleats, so your standard shoe size may not be the size you end up in with a soccer shoe. Your soccer cleat should fit as close to the end of your foot as possible, without touching your toes. A 1/4 to 1/2 inch gap is ideal. Every 1/2 size will yield about 3/16 inch of length. Soccer shoes are designed with a more narrow upper, compared to athletic shoes, so that your foot does not slide inside the shoe during use. Most soccer cleats are only available in one width. You may have to try several different shoes until you find one that fits best for your foot type. 

Most soccer shoes will require a break-in period of approximately 2 weeks, as the shoe conforms to your foot. This could result in small blisters, until the shoe is broken in. We highly recommend wearing a 2nd pair of socks during this break-in period

We suggest trying all shoes on indoors in a clean, dry space to check for the correct fit. Your shoes should fit snugly without any slipping or discomfort. A small amount of slip in the shoe indoors will only be exaggerated when you are running outside, resulting in blisters.

Many customers complain about the lack of arch support in soccer shoes. We have only found one insert that will work in soccer shoes, Currex. You can learn more about Currex here.