Nike Team Catalyst Soccer Ball

Nike Team Catalyst Soccer Ball

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Expertly-crafted with premium materials, the Nike Catalyst Team Soccer Ball provides
exceptional touch and durability. The perfect-sphere design allows the ball to fly faster,
farther and more accurately.

Benefits: Premium TPU casing for enhanced touch and durability.
Perfect sphericity for faster, farther and more accurate flight. Six-wing carbon-latex air
chamber for enhanced acceleration. Asymmetrical, high-contrast graphic allows for
better judgment of ball flight. Geo-balanced technology distributes pressure evenly
across panels to create a 360-degree sweet spot.

Product Details: Classic 32-panel design for durability. Two-year stitch and
shape guarantee. Materials: 44% rubber/28% polyurethane/26% polyester/2% cotton.

Standard Ball Sizing - Size 5: Ages 12 and up