Sidekik KICKIT

Sidekik KICKIT

Sidekik Soccer
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Drop it, Kickit, Flip it!

The Kickit is a Sidekik that was re-designed for everyone! Great new look and great new design. The Kickit boasts 5 red feathers, a patent pending Rotational Axis, and a larger 4 inch kick-pad for:

  • Extra bounce
  • More hang time
  • Maximum contact
  • Better directional control when kicking over the net

    The Kickit is our secret ingredient to creating the most competitive and fun outdoor/indoor game! Where Soccer Meets Badminton. Designed by MIT engineers and Rocket Scientists, we have perfected the aerodynamics of the Kickit.

    Not only can the Kickit be used in competitions at the net, but also for individual juggling training for beginners. That's part of the magic behind this all new product line!