Fresh Gear 8 oz Spray

Fresh Gear 8 oz Spray

Fresh Gear
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The Problem

There’s nothing like working up a good sweat. On the flip side, for many people, there’s nothing that can spoil a workout quicker than foul smelling sports equipment that sparks fears of germs and serious health risks.

Fortunately there’s a solution that’s safe, affordable, environmentally friendly and effective; it’s “Fresh Gear" from Fresh Gear, Inc.

Fresh Gear is the solution to environmental and human caused odors in everything from shoes and gloves to sports equipment and mascot costumes. “Fresh Gear” is a product that should be in every household, every office, every sports bag, car and SUV.

The Product/Technology

“Fresh Gear” is a combination of proprietary ingredients including disinfectaning alcohol, third generation odor encapsulation and a pleasant scent. The exclusive combination eliminates malodors and freshens gear for long lasting odor elimination not available in competing products.