Uhlsport Absolutgrip Bionik

Uhlsport Absolutgrip Bionik

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  • Uhlsport patented ABSOLUTGRIP goalkeeper glove for best gripping properties in all weather conditions. Best in dry conditions but is a great all weather game option as well. Goalkeeper should dampen the latex to increase grip and durability.


  • Patented BIONIK FRAME protection technology for advanced stabilization of the 4 fingers and outstanding distribution of the impact forces without limiting the flexibility. Inspired by the best structural engineer of all time Mother Nature the BIONIKFRAME is designed to mimic and enhance the natural arrangement and operation of the musculature of the human hand. The result: Stable. Flexible. Lightweight. Bionik frame technology is a close imitation of the human hand and finger tendons. It is a lightweight, flexible, impact distribution frame built into the backhand of the glove which. For those keepers that require support but find the plastic finger stays found in other manufacturers to be too rigid and hard to close the hand or catch a ball.


  • Special embossed, abrasion resistant backhand parts for better durability. This Uhlsport goalkeeper glove has a soft latex backhand with an embossed latex shockzone area for punching. Breathable textile base material for outstanding wearing comfort.


  • The Uhlsport Absolutgrip Bionik is a classic cut for a wider palm and more comfortable fit. Ergonomically pre-curved for best wearing characteristics. The 12° angle on the wrist supports the ergonomical hand position for perfect catching performance. The classic cut is better for goalkeepers with wider hands but will offer extreme comfort for all keepers.


  • Full wrap latex strap with neoprene glove body opening.


  • Superb game option for high school and college level goalkeepers


  • This absolutgrip latex performs well in all weather conditions